Vegetable starters

Vegetable starters


Delicious and appetizing vegetables starters ready to be tasted alone or paired with tasty recipes.

Many ingredients of this products are “Food excellence” like “Peppers from Carmagnola”, “Taggiasca olives” and “Borettane onions”.

Finally a delightful specialty, “King starter”, a very well-balanced mix of mushrooms, artichokes and stuffed olives.

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Appetizing starter prepared following an ancient recipe from Piedmont made with vegetables.

Net weight: 370 g

5.70 *

Typical sweet pitted olives "Taggiasca" variety, from the western ligurian riviera, in olive oil.

Net weight: 185 g

6.80 *

Appetizing sweet and sour mixed vegetables, manually put in jar.

Net weight: 570 g

6.80 *

Typical sweet and sour peppers from Carmagnola, little town in center Piedmont, cut and manually put in jar.

Net weight: 560 g

6.80 *

Tasty capers with stalk, manually put in jars.

Net weight: 200 g

5.25 *

Small peppers manually stuffed with anchovies and capers.

Net weight: 170 g

8.06 *
7.00 *
8.19 *

7.00 *
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