Social Gourmet means not only food, but also other items concerning "gourmet concept".

Food culture is very important for the propagation of the "good and healthy nutrition".

In this category you will find some interesting publications concerning food culture, useful to increase the knowledge of high quality cuisine, both theoretically and practically.

Enjoy the reading.

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A themed route through “Turin medieval borough” discovering the food of the medieval age.

© 2005 - Quaderni del Borgo - Edizioni Fondazione Torino Musei

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This book contains the results of a project started from “Turin medieval borough” in 2001, in cooperation with CRISM, Centro di Ricerca sulle Istituzioni e sulle Società Medievali (Medieval Institutions and Societies Research Centre), dedicated to the nutrition of the medieval age. The aim of the project is to combine advanced medieval studies considering also the curiosity of history lovers.

© 2006 - Quaderni del Borgo - Edizioni Fondazione Torino Musei

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In these last years the interest in ancient food and gastronomy of past centuries has grown up, as evidenced by feasts, historical commemoration and old cookbook demonstrate. This book come from tn this scenery, infact it’s a real ancient recipe book, as the subtitle demonstrate: “Le ricette di Maître Chiquart, cuoco di amedeo VIII” (The recipes of Maître Chiquart, chef of Amadeus VIII). An interesting publication, useful to relive past cooking experiences.

© 2006 - Edizioni Fondazione Torino Musei

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