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FAI tickets

FAI tickets


Social Gourmet means not only food, but also other matter concerning “gourmet concept”, like every form of art.

An interesting opportunity to link high quality food specialties and architectural timeless beauty is represented by the cooperation between Social Gourmet and FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Enviroment Fund).

Social Gourmet offer the opportunity to its customers to buy the ticket to visit the castle of Manta di Saluzzo, north-west Piedmont.

The special price dedicated to customers is 6 €; the same ticket is purchaseable directly at Manta castle entrance, but in this case the price would be 7 €.

Finally, the castle visitors will find Cascina San Cassiano specialties in the book-shop.

Enjoy your visit.


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Entrance ticket to Manta di Saluzzo castle, in Cuneo province, north-west Piedmont, valid for an adult, valid all year.

The price is 6 €, instead of 7 €, original price of the ticket purchaseable directly at Manta castle entrance.

To buy this ticket on-line means to avoid queue at castle entrance.

6.00 € *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery